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P3 Health’s comprehensive annual health assessment includes a number of sophisticated diagnostic tests, all performed on-site. Divided into two days, one involving the cutting-edge medical testing, followed by an in-depth appointment with one of our Functional Medical Doctors, to review your test results and implement a comprehensive, integrative action plan.


  • Detailed history and full physical examination;
  • Complete blood count; Cholesterol and lipid profile;¬†Urinalysis;
  • Comprehensive metabolic Screening;
  • ECG (resting electrocardiogram);
  • Bio-impedence analysis
  • Abdominal ultrasound;
  • CardioHealth: carotid artery analysis;
  • Any additional tests, as required
  • A one-hour comprehensive review with an integrated action plan to follow, approximately one week after all diagnostic testing has been completed.

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