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The intention of P3 Health’s Bespoke Health Care Programs is to provide seamless, accessible and attentive care that leads to optimal health and longevity. By getting to know clients right down to their genes, and understanding their unique needs the P3 team can focus on health promotion and disease prevention and also responds rapidly to any acute health issues. Ideally, the P3 Health team of professionals is adjunctive to clients’ primary care physician(s) but we are able to take over this role if desired.


  • 24/7 access to medical advice and after hours care
  • In-person visits for annual physical examination, body composition and assessments of health issues as they arise
  • Expedited referrals for testing or consultations where possible
  • Action plan for health promotion I disease prevention
  • Quarterly monitoring of the action plan (in-person or by electronic means)
  • Employment or insurance form completion
  • Occupational health medicals (eg. Aviation medical for pilots)
  • Laboratory convenience fees
  • Prescription renewal fees
  • Preferred pricing and access to a variety of valuable health and well ness programs and services throughout the year

P3 Health is also pleased to offer the new MD+ND Bespoke program for those seeking truly integrative healthcare. Dr. Cook and Naturopathic Doctor Andra Campitelli will work together to provide seamless and collaborative care.


  • All of the components of the MD program above, PLUS
  • Initial visit conducted with both Dr. Cook and Dr. Campitelli
  • Continual Coordination of care between both Dr. Cook and Dr. Campitelli
  • Bioldentical Hormone replacement therapy for men and women, as needed (cost of the hormones excluded)
  • Ketogenic diet support with complimentary first-month‘s supply of exogenous ketone supplements
  • Natural health product, nutraceutical and anti-aging guidance (cost of supplements excluded)
  • All follow-up appointments and assessments for acute and subacute health issues will involve both doctors

Note, that while a physical examination is included in the Bespoke programs, the full “executive” medical (with extensive laboratory testing not available in OHIP, abdominal ultrasound, cardiac assessment and other tests as indicated) is NOT included and is strongly recommended every one to two years.


For more information, please contact P3 Health