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Through Better Brains Program (BBP) P3 Health offers non-invasive neuro-rehabilitation based on one simple principle: the brain is capable of learning and changing throughout a person’s entire life. This change is made possible through engagement of a phenomenon known as “neuroplasticity” – a term that describes the fiexibility and adaptability of the brain and its metabolic environment.

BBP is designed to assist patients through the complexrty of a head injury. The goal is to create clarity, and reduce the confusion of patient symptoms, as well to provide testing and therapies that can assist the patient to return to vitality. Prioritizing specific instructions, tests and treatments is in the best interest of patient recovery.

Many patients come to P3 Health for guidance after a head injury. Many have already undergone testing at various facilities, have received multiple diagnoses by various doctors, and end up with several treatment plans. Our Doctors understand this frustrating process and have created BBP in order to to give timely advice, avoid unnecessary costs, and instill patient confidence in healing.

Patient’s will move forward with understanding in regards to diagnosis, testing, therapies and prognosis that come with their particular neurological condition. At P3 Health, we pride ourselves on our integrative, functional medicine model, and during the BBP assessment, doctors with different specialties will interview, assess, and discuss the patient, providing true collaboration.


Our chiropractic & osteopathic doctors, therapists and medical specialists collaborate to provide comprehensive diagnostics and create a truly integrative treatment plan. Our team combines leading-edge methodologies with cutting-edge technologies that is currently unavailable outside of hospitals in Ontario, providing unmatched neurological management. Better Brains is not solely for injuries-our patients also include athletes (both professional and amateur) and even business executives seeking to optimize their neurological health and performance.

Our patients include individuals of all ages seeking help with:

  • Concussions & brain injuries
  • Degenerative conditions
  • Learning and developmental challenges
  • Complex neurological conditions
  • Optimization of mental and neurological performance

We personalize care through:

  • Measured quantifiable progress
  • Multidisciplinary team approach
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Collaborative medical environments



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