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“Bioidenticals are derived from plant substances in soybeans and yams, and are natural in the sense that they are formulated to be biologically identical in structure and function to hormones produced in the body.”

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is now the preferred, evidence-based option tor hormonal balancing in both men and women, and can be used at any age, where indicated.


Our goal is to increase the quality of life in your years, not just increase the number of years in your life.
Hormonal decline generally begins at age 30 in both men and women, and continually declines from this point forward. This means that by the time we start to show symptoms of hormone deficiency, we have been experiencing years of suboptimal hormonal levels. However, before the onset of menopause or andropause, certain symptoms may begin to appear that are signs that hormonal adjustments are needed.

These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Changes in libido
  • Migraines, headaches
  • Digestive changes (bloating, gas, constipation)
  • Mood swings (anxiety, depression, lack of emotion)
  • Erectile dysfunction in men
  • Breast tenderness, fibrocystic breast, hot flashes, cyst development, cycle abnormalities in women
  • Weight gain, inability to maintain or build muscle mass
  • Accumulation of fat in the abdominal area
  • Changes in skin elasticity
  • Cellulite development

Use of bioidentical hormones in the proper doses may not only control these symptoms, but may greatly improve quality of life both short and long-term. Protection against heart disease, reduced risk of breast cancer, improved cholesterol and lipid profiles, and osteoporosis prevention are all valid reasons for monitoring hormone levels and considering individualized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. BRHT is not one size fits all, and hormonal requirements are unique to each person.


  • DIET: Food often has hormones added to them, such as meat, milk, eggs, and dairy products.
  • SUPPLEMENTS: Herbs may have an estrogenic effect in the body, such as licorice, and black cohosh.
  • HORMONE USE: Birth control pills contain estrogen and/or progestin, exposing women to synthetic hormones that may disrupt natural hormone production in the future, or suppress the body’s natural production of certain hormones.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: Toxins can mimic the actions of estrogen (known as xenoestrogens). The largest source of xenoestrogens is pesticides.
  • RADIATION: Exposure increases estrogen levels in the blood.
  • CHRONIC CONSTIPATION: Constipation may interfere with the body’s ability to eliminate hormones properly, which may build up in the colon and can be reabsorbed by the body.
  • CHRONIC STRESS: Stress may lead to a decline of essential hormones, such as progesterone.


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