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P3 Health is now partnered with an internationally recognized clinical genomicist, Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, to provide a novel range of lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, exercise and hormone optimization programs tailored to your DNA. The inclusion of state- of-the-art genomics testing into our existing portfolio of allopathic and complementary medical services enhances P3‘s commitment to providing the most patient-centred, Personalized, Participatory and Preventive experience available in healthcare.

Lifestyle Genomics is an innovative branch of clinical genomics that eschews the often misguided and mass-marketed, “one-size-fits-all” approach to nutrition, vitamin and exercise recommendations in favour of clinically validated advice informed by an individual‘s own DNA. 

Dr. Mohammed is one of the pioneers of Lifestyle Genomics and works closely with P3 staff to interpret the comprehensive genomic data and related functional medical test results to provide an integrated and specific action plan that best aligns lifestyle choices with one’s unique genetic legacy and environment. Hormone genomics is now an indispensable tool providing insights for those requiring support or supplementation of both male and female hormones.

The Lifestyle Genomics: Genome Pulse program is an industry gold standard incorporating the most clinically validated gene variations in 45 different genes related to:

  • Mood and Behaviour (neurotransmitter binding and metabolism)
  • Cardiovascular Health including Alzheimer’s Disease risk
  • Carbohydrate and Fat Metabolism
  • Vitamin and Micronutrient Requirements
  • Methylation, Anti-Oxidation and Detoxification

The Hormone Pulse program assesses 8 CNVs (copy number variants) of critical genes involved in:

  • Male and Female Hormone Balance and Metabolism



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