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P3 Health recognizes that relying solely on conventional medicine (OHIP) is often not enough when trying to achieve optimal health, or when dealing with chronic, complex health conditions. By combining western (allopathic) medicine with evidence-based functional medicine practices, we assist you in returning to a state of balance and health.

In order to best integrate both western and functional medicine, the Integrative medicine program involves a series of visits with both Naturopathic Doctors and Functionally-trained Medical Doctors.

We understand that you may already have an ND or MD, however, the process at P3 Health involves extensive evaluations, examinations, testing and treatment, not commonly practiced in other clinics, and provided by our highly-skilled providers who have all received additional intensive training. In order to receive optimal care, we ask that you follow our well-proven integrative model as it is laid out.

Many of you suffering from chronic illness have undergone years of testing, treatment, misdiagnoses and unsuccessful treatment, and we are well aware that this can be trying, frustrating, stressful and costly. However, we ask that you please enter our program with an open mind, knowing that our skilled professionals are doing their absolute utmost to help you, and working in collaboration with them is essential to your best health outcomes.

The Integrative doctor’s at P3 are well-versed in both traditional and complementary medicine. They will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that encompasses treatments that are best suited to you, whether that be nutraceutical, pharmaceutical or other. Know that your care is overseen by both you ND and MD at all times, in collaboration, and that integrative/multidisciplinary care of this type has been shown to produce better health outcomes.


  • Advanced functional medical assessment by both a Lyme-Literate Naturopathic Doctor and Medical doctor
  • Coordination of care by both ND and MD of all complementary medical care given in-house by practitioners who are experts in their field
  • Comprehensive labs, radiology and functional investigative testing according to your needs
    • Note: Private tests outside of OHIP will carry additional fees. You will be advised of any and all additional fees in advance of testing.
  • Individualized nutritional assessment and intervention


For more information, please contact P3 Health

* The Integrative Medicine Program is not covered by OHIP. Please see our fee schedule for a breakdown of these fees. Inquire at (416-699-3636 or

**There may be additional fees for lab tests done outside of OHIP or other services (such as nutritional IV therapy) which may be recommended by your treating practitioner. You may decide with your doctor if you wish to have them as part of your treatment plan.