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The process of treating Lyme Disease can be a long, costly endeavor. Many of you have already completed extensive testing, and even embarked on treatment protocols, but are now looking for a new perspective or second opinion.

The P3 Health Integrative Chart Review is conducted by Lyme literate clinicians Dr. Tim Cook, Internal Medicine and Integrative Health Specialist, and Dr. Andra Campitelli, Naturopathic Doctor. Together Ors. Cook and Campitelli have 40 years of clinical experience and have assessed and managed more than 500 Lyme patients. Having both an MD and ND oversee your chart allows for a truly integrated review.


  • Detailed assessment of your health history,
  • Review of all blood work, diagnostic imaging and private testing,
  • Review of any specialists consult notes,
  • Assessment of your current healthcare and treatment protocol,
  • Recommendation on further testing required,
  • Opinions on herbal, botanical, and prescription therapies and their best combination for your personal situation,
  • Suggestions for future care

Please note, this chart review is not a medical visit and you are not attending the clinic in person. It is not intended to replace the care of your primary care or specialist providers, but rather provides opinions and recommendations that may assist you in your health journey. Suggestions will be made, with accompanying rationale, regarding antibiotics, antivirals, supplements, botanicals, lifestyle modifications, and additional testing that should be considered, under the care of your primary care provider.


  • Contact P3 health reception (416-699-3636) and indicate that you would like to arrange a complete Lyme Integrative Chart Review, G You will be sent a detailed patient history form and questionnaire for completion and return,
  • You will also be sent a checklist of chart information to be gathered,
  • Submit all previous blood work, private testing, diagnostic imaging results, specialist summaries and any other information¬†pertinent to your health. The more information you provide, the more helpful will be your chart review.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for a comprehensive summary and integrative action plan to be completed. The review will merge both Dr. Cook and Dr. Campitelli’s recommendations.



For more information, please contact P3 Health